The Inspiration: As drones become more entangled with our everyday lives, from package deliveries to cinematic movie shots, I felt that there had to be some way to connect this futuristic technology with the lives of high school students. After watching miniaturized drones zip around my feet, I knew that EHS had to take part in this engaging activity. 


The Process: Through legal paperwork, background checks, liability insurance, and much more - I secured “Hornets Drone Racing” as an Independent Provider at Edina High School. We now had the status to recruit students and fly these awesome devices. After reaching out to dozens of local companies with no luck, MinneAnalytics approached EHS eager to fund the team and thus, our Drone Racing journey launched. 


The Test Flight: In order to fly the drones, we had to build them. Teaching myself and the team how to solder and construct these devices took time, but after a few hours, the team produced 4 fully functioning drones. Our first flights were rocky to say the least, but slowly we picked up the knack of flying line of sight. Putting on the FPV goggles however, was a completely different ballpark matched with a completely different learning curve. 


The Races: After only 2 days with these drones and our new found skills, the team was tossed into our first ever league race. After suffering some brutal crashes, our team began to pick up some points, and we all fell in love with the activity. 

The Landing: Now, after fully establishing the first-ever “Hornets Drone Racing” Team at EHS, Edina is competing with the first ever female drone pilots in Minnesota - me as the first ever female captain. I hope that this team doesn’t stop at it’s first couple crashes, but continues for years to come, a legacy to leave it’s mark at Edina High School.


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